Bike Park

Alpe du Grand Serre Bike Park is reachable in summer by the chairlift « la Blache ». It gives an access to 6 mountain bike trail of further level, from the green to the black. A pass is required to get the chairlift, you can buy it online or directly to the checkout.

The chairlift is also reachable by people who just want to hike higher in the mountain. A special pass is available for pedestrian people. However the chairlift is forbidden to young children under 2 years old.

Opening time of chairlift « La Blache » :
From 9.20 am to 4.15 pm

The Bike Park will open from Saturday the 6 of June 2020

You will find here the opening schedule !

What's open today ?

Chairlift la Blache :

Pedestrial ways :

Green path – Roulmapool : CLOSED
Blue path – Patatrack : CLOSED
path – Rolande : CLOSED
Blue path – Gaz’ : CLOSED
Red path – Marvel : CLOSED
Black path – MortillonneCLOSED

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